5 ways to achieve a slimmer and more V-shaped face

What is a V-shaped face?

The V-shaped face refers to a slim and oval face that narrows down to a sharp end at the chin.

V-shaped face are commonly sought after as it represents youthfulness and feminine charm. It also gives the impression of a lifted appearance, seemingly taking away a few years off one’ age. It is not surprising why it is so desirable among men and women. 

How to achieve a slimmer face

That said, it's not exactly easy to completely change the shape of your face without surgery, but you do have several options to make your features look more defined. Ahead, we list a few ways to do just that, from the fastest to the most gradual:

1. Change your haircut

If you have a rounded face, your stylist may opt to lighten your hair at the top and ends to create depth and darken the hair on the sides of your face.

Getting long layered bangs the sweep your cheekbones will hide your wide forehead and puffy cheeks, while cutting your locks into layers can give your mug a more elongated shape.

Just like when you contour your face, this hairstyling technique will create a shadowing effect near the midpoint of your face to create the illusion of a slimmer visage.

Basically, it's all about getting a style that'll frame your face best!

2. Contour and highlight your face

Learn how to use concealer to frame you face instead of covering up blemishes. All you’ll need is a contour palette and your favourite concealer.

Start with applying the contour onto your jawline in an upward motion to give the illusion of a slimmer, v-shaped face. After blending the contour out, use a small brush to apply the concealer about half an inch above your jawline to accentuate your face.

For highlighting, use a lighter shade of concealer to highlight under your eyes, the center of your chin and forehead, and your nose bridge. This will focus light on the center of your face and make it appear narrower!

3. Slimming face treatments

Slimming face treatments at Venus Glam
Slimming face treatments like Facial V Lifting are popular among our clients for achieving a more sculpted face. Our face lifting treatments are a non-invasive EMS and LED treatments that boost your skin's collagen production, and it's famed for helping define the jawline. Results often develop within a few days or even weeks!

4. Sculpting skincare

Contouring skincare exists, and they're the perfect alternative for when you can't commit to a treatment or a haircut. Our Face Lifting gel is a popular shaping serum that depuffs, slims, and lifts the skin to define the contours of your face. On the skin, it boosts collagen and maintains that lifted look. It's recommended applying it with a face massage device to boost its effects.

5. Massage your face daily

Facial Massager at Venus Glam

Facial massages can visibly reduce puffiness and make you look less bloated. That's because a good massage can actually drain lymphatic fluid that could have built up on your face, stimulating circulation and bringing your mug's shape back to normal.

Our Facial Massage devices are convenient tools for depuffing if you don't have time to visit a facialist.

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